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Reduce your operating costs

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inv-os : 3 SIMPLE STEPS


Receipt of invoices

Your suppliers send you their invoices by email or upload them on a FTP server.



Once the invoices are received, inv-os automatically recognizes their content. It will process each invoice received to enter them into your system. Anomalies are detected? inv-os alerts you.


Transfer to your system

inv-os enters invoice data directly into your accounting system, without human intervention.

WHY inv-os?

Your supplier invoices are automatically entered.
Free your accounts payable clerk.
Eliminate the risk of input errors.

  • Compatible with all accounting systems
  • Fast and turnkey implementation
  • Compliance assurance
  • Simple interface that requires no training

With inv-os, everything is automatically done in three steps!



Backed by our 25 years of expertise, we offer innovative technology solutions that will work in conjunction with your current systems to help you achieve various strategic objectives.

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We will amaze you with our willingness and ability to anticipate your needs and respond to them, regardless of how diverse and complex they are.



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